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Do you like to read but desire something more stimulating and educational than today's entertaining but often mindless fiction? Are you also weary of the fictitious accounts of conservatism continually spun by the Left? So were we!

We meet bimonthly at a members home. Along with some mingling, eating, and drinking, we engage in some great political discussion on our book of choice. Our book club is highly structured and professionally organized. Attendees must have read the book in order to attend the meeting. Non-CRWN members are welcome to attend their first Book Club meeting complimentary. Thereafter, you must become a CRWN member in order to attend Book Club meetings. So get on Chicago’s conservative wagon and join CRWN!

RSVP policy: If you wish to attend a meeting, RSVP at your earliest convenience once we send out the name of the book and date. Reservations are taken on a first-to-e-mail, first-served basis. Those who successfully register to attend will be given the address where the meeting will take place about a week before the meeting.


March 13, 2014 Book Club Author Series

Logic: The Truth About Blacks and the Republican Party

The author C. Douglas Love will be joining us to talk about his book!

1206 N. State St., Chicago
Free for members, $10 for non-members


January 2014 Book Club:

America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century-Why America's Greatest Days Are Yet to Come, by James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus

One of the authors, Michael Lotus, will be joining us to discuss it with us!


Information on the book:  America’s greatest days are yet to come.

We are in a painful transition period. Our government is crushingly expensive, failing at its basic functions, and unable to keep its promises. It does not work and it cannot continue as it is. But the inevitable end of big government does not mean the end of America. It only means the end of one phase of American life.

America is poised to enter a new era of freedom and prosperity. The cultural roots of the American people go back at least fifteen centuries, and make us individualistic, enterprising, and liberty-loving. The Founding generation of the United States lived in a world of family farms and small businesses, America 1.0. This world faded away and was replaced by an industrialized world of big cities, big business, big labor unions and big government, America 2.0. Now America 2.0 is outdated and crumbling, while America 3.0 is struggling to be born. This new world will bring immense productivity, rapid technological progress, greater scope for individual and family-scale autonomy, and a leaner and strictly limited government.

America has made one major transition already, and industrial America became an economic colossus. We are now making a new transition, which will surprise many Americans, and astonish the world.

CRWN Book Club for September - September 12th 

Illinois' own former Senator Roger Keats will be in attendance to talk about his book, Chicago Confidential!   It is available on Amazon! 

This will be different than our typical book club!  We will hear from Roger about his book and his own experiences with the "Chicago Way" of doing things.  You do not have to read the book in order to attend.

Thursday, September 12, 5:30 to 7:30 

Location TBD 

An RSVP to is required as we need to give a head count.  This should be a lively evening with the actual author to provide more insight into the stories behind the book. 

Free for members, $10 for non-members. See the link below for a description of the book.

Chicago Confidential Book Description.pdf
18.7 KB

Special Announcement for the CRWN Book Club in July

When:  Monday, July 29, 2013

Where:  3rd Coast Cafe, 1260 N. Dearborn.  Parking available next door at Standard Parking with a
stamp for 3 hours.  Cost is $10. 

Time:  6:30 to 8:30 PM - we will start discussion right away!  Everyone can order on their own. 

Ask for the Sandee Geringer Party.  An RSVP to is required as we need to give them
a head count.  Thanks! 

The Founders' Plot by Frank M. Victoria


Frank M. Victoria, a conservative author,  has selected the Chicago Republican Women's Network to
donate The Founders' Plot, his new novel, to our CRWN Book Club. The Founders' Plot has a
conservative theme and involves the contemporary issues of illegal immigration and Supreme Court rulings. Reviews of his new novel have called it compelling ,exciting and a powerful political thriller.


Frank M. Victoria was born and raised in Chicago, served  in the Marine Corps and  graduated from 
Northern Illinois University with a BA in Journalism. Frank spent over 20 years as a professional
magazine writer and editor then dedicated himself to teaching American history and government  for
16 years in Chicago Public Schools.


RSVP: to . The first 3 current CRWN Members to rsvp for the July Book Club will
be given one of The Founders' Plot books donated by Frank M. Victoria.  


You must be a member of CRWN to attend however first time attendees can attend for no charge.

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